Learning through interactions with industry professionals for a design assignment


This paper documents the effort to inspire Year 2 building services engineering students to develop critical thinking, reflection, technical and communication skills, and knowledge required to be self-learners. Students were required to learn what it takes to design, construct, and manage a high-rise building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems in Singapore and apply the knowledge to solve a design problem. Students interacted with industry professionals with design, construction, and facility management experience to aid their design of MEP systems for a high-rise building in Singapore. Students were equipped with design thinking skills in the design studio. Students got the opportunity to deepen their building information modelling (BIM) software (Revit) skills and used them to develop and present their designs. The students believed the design module learning journey, which emphasised the importance of conducting research for effective design, equipped them with fundamental knowledge and skillset sought after in fresh university graduates. They also believed that the module learning journey allowed them to effectively familiarise themselves with building MEP systems and the Singapore codes and standards for designing the MEP systems.  

Keywords: Applied learning; Job-ready graduates; Research for design; Education; Building information modelling

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Full paper

Cite as: “Fadeyi MO (2022). Learning through interactions with industry professionals for a design assignment. Teaching and Learning Case Studies #02. ISSUU Digital Publishing.”

Published by Moshood Olawale Fadeyi

Dr. Moshood Olawale Fadeyi is a sustainable building professor with specialisation in sustainable building value delivery education at the Singapore Institute of Technology. He is also an architect, an indoor air quality expert, a chartered engineer (UK) – building services, a chartered construction manager (UK), a cartoonist, and a specialist adult educator. He holds four university degrees, including a Ph.D. in Indoor Environment and Energy from the National University of Singapore and the Technical University of Denmark. He is architecture (BSc Arch and M.Arch.), building science (MSc.), and engineering (Ph.D.) trained. He is a member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (UK), Chartered Institute of Building (UK), and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air-conditioning Engineers. He is well suited for architecture, interior design, building science, and architectural/building services engineering education. He has experience and expertise in developing undergraduate and postgraduate curricula to make students job-ready upon graduation. He currently researches to develop creative works and public education materials useful for developing critical and reflective thinking, communication skills, and technical knowledge needed to enhance industry, community, and education practices for solving sustainable building value delivery problems. Under the sustainable building value delivery education theme, he focuses on indoor air quality value delivery education and value-oriented productivity education (in sustainable building design, construction, and management practices). He has published more than 200 research and scholarship outputs in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, books, and public educational resources. His research for education efforts is enhanced by his fundamental knowledge and skillsets in the philosophy of building information modelling and other digital solutions adoption, problem-solving philosophy, design, critical, reflective, scientific, and lean thinking, fine art, oral and written communication, and storytelling. Companies and government agencies highly seek his expertise and leadership skills. He is the Editor, Author, and Cartoonist of Indoor Air Cartoon Journal – a creative and applied learning journal providing education on indoor air quality, with audiences from over 100 countries. He is a former National Taekwondo Champion in Singapore – Black Belt Middle-Heavy Weight category, 2006.

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