Learning through interactions with industry professionals for a design assignment


This paper documents the effort to inspire Year 2 building services engineering students to develop critical thinking, reflection, technical and communication skills, and knowledge required to be self-learners. Students were required to learn what it takes to design, construct, and manage a high-rise building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems in Singapore and apply the knowledge to solve a design problem. Students interacted with industry professionals with design, construction, and facility management experience to aid their design of MEP systems for a high-rise building in Singapore. Students were equipped with design thinking skills in the design studio. Students got the opportunity to deepen their building information modelling (BIM) software (Revit) skills and used them to develop and present their designs. The students believed the design module learning journey, which emphasised the importance of conducting research for effective design, equipped them with fundamental knowledge and skillset sought after in fresh university graduates. They also believed that the module learning journey allowed them to effectively familiarise themselves with building MEP systems and the Singapore codes and standards for designing MEP systems.  

Keywords: Applied learning; Job-ready graduates; Research for design; Education; Building information modelling

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Cite as: “Fadeyi MO (2022). Learning through interactions with industry professionals for a design assignment. Teaching and Learning Case Studies #02. ISSUU Digital Publishing.”

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