Human influence on water efficiency: A story based on an innovation project with a hospital in Singapore


Water wastage caused by human behaviour can be largely due to human need or quest for comfort and convenience and lack or denial of awareness. Year 2 building services engineering students were tasked to conduct research that will inform the development of a solution that can potentially be used to reduce the negative effect of human behaviour on water consumption at Mouth Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. The students were also required to write a story and made of video story based on the research to document and demonstrate how the research learning journey has developed their educational experience. The role of storytelling in developing the students’ critical and reflective thinking needed to induce learning to form an educational experience, i.e., knowledge, understanding, and practical and communication skills, was examined. The students developed the background knowledge and understanding required to fulfill the water efficiency innovation project requirement. A method of developing human capability for water-efficiency agenda achievement and providing the educational experience undergraduate students need in their journey to being job ready upon graduation is reported in this paper.

Keywords: Artistic research; Sustainability; Applied learning; Water efficiency; Innovation

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Cite as: “Low S, Chian C, Low ZX, Low S, Nyiyaza T, and Fadeyi MO (2023). Human influence on water efficiency: A story based on an innovation project with a hospital in Singapore. Teaching and Learning Case Studies #03. ISSUU Digital Publishing.”

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