An automated solution for importing critical assets information into BIM 3D Model


Facility managers or facility management firms usually painstakingly and manually import building critical assets information from assets information requirements (AIR) to a building 3D model. Unfortunately, such practice requires a lot of resources, manpower, time, energy, material, etc., to deliver the required usefulness – Quantity of quality that serves the function needed without compromising safety. Thus, value delivery is compromised for all stakeholders involved. There are many times that there are many errors in the imported critical assets information, further compromising value delivery for all stakeholders involved. This project aims to identify the root cause of the deficiency in value delivery and use digital solutions to optimise the process of value delivery. Specifically, the project aims to develop an automated solution that can reduce the time and potentially manpower and energy required to import a building’s critical assets information from an automated AIR generator, previously developed by the authors, to a building 3D model with no error. The proposed automated solution was developed using Python Scripting in Dynamo for Revit and experimentally tested for the required efficiency and effectiveness. The developed automated solution provided a 99% time reduction over the manual method currently adopted in the digital facility management industry with zero error in importing critical assets information. The findings also show no limitation to the number of building critical assets and their information that one person can do. The resources saved due to the developed automated solution can be deployed to other projects to deliver more value instead of focusing on one project for several months or more. The developed automated solution can aid the achievement of high value-oriented productivity in the facility management industry.

Keywords: Asset Information Requirements (AIR), Digital Facility Management, Productivity, Dynamo, Building Information Modelling

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Cite as: “Ng HM and Fadeyi MO (2021). An automated solution for importing critical assets information into BIM 3D Model. Built Environment Applied Research Sharing #05. ISSUU Digital Publishing.”

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