Identification and rectification of errors in BIM models using dynamo


The productivity of facility managers in delivering healthy and energy-efficient buildings can be determined by the information available for managing the building. Incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant information can compromise productivity. In a digitalized architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, facility managers are required to use building information modelling (BIM) models for their facility management operations. It is not uncommon for facility managers to submit incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant as-built BIM models to facility managers, leading to low productivity due to non-usage or usage of the BIM model with errors. Unfortunately, many facility managers do not have automated solutions for identifying and rectifying BIM errors. This study aims to provide automated programming solutions that could help facility managers identify and rectify errors in BIM models with the complexity level of a high rise building and transform the BIM model into a facility management ready model. The investigation on the validation of the developed automated programming solution with built environment professionals suggests that the solutions can considerably reduce the time taken and accuracy for correcting the BIM model and make it facility management ready. The participants’ feedback also suggests that the developed solution is satisfying to use, user friendly, and could improve the work process.  Lessons and ideas of the developed automated programming solution reported in this paper can help develop solutions that will aid the adoption of BIM models for facility management operations.  

Keywords: Facility management, Building information modelling, Computational BIM, Productivity, Dynamo

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Cite as: “Chua C and Fadeyi MO (2021).”Identification and rectification of errors in BIM models using dynamo. Built Environment Applied Research Sharing #04.  ISSUU Digital Publishing.”

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