Mobile cloud computing application solution for waste reduction in the facility management process


The integration of facility management and mobile cloud computing is an innovative and vital undertaking to improve facility maintenance and management. Even though recent studies have proposed various methods of implementing mobile cloud computing, there remains an issue of simplifying data structures and maximising productivity. This paper presents a solution to mobilise corrective maintenance processes. Based on a comprehensive literature review on productivity, lean maintenance, and mobile computing technology, a mobile cloud computing application is proposed to improve information quality and availability. This study proposes a mobile cloud computing system for facilities management staff performing building operations and maintenance using QR codes and cloud computing technologies. The mobile cloud computing system was used in a field experiment at the Singapore Institute of Technology to verify the proposed solution and demonstrate its effectiveness in corrective maintenance practice. The results from the experiment demonstrated the solution’s effectiveness in reducing waiting, motion, and over-processing waste, leading to improvement in facility management productivity. The advantage of the proposed solution lies in its ability to transform facility management work processes by maximising usefulness delivered from invested resources, i.e., enhance value delivery.

Keywords: Facility management, Mobile cloud computing, Waste reduction, Lean thinking, Productivity

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Cite as: “Kng JHJ and Fadeyi MO (2021). Mobile cloud computing application solution for waste reduction in the facility management process. Built Environment Applied Research Sharing #08. ISSUU Digital Publishing.”

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