The use of dynamo to automate the process needed to prepare building information modelling (BIM) models for facility management


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that allows multiple project stakeholders to collaborate from the planning and design stage to the construction of the building within a 3D model. In turn, the information can then be extended to be used for facility operations and management. However, the effective operational benefits inherent in BIM models are not usually realised at the facility management (FM) stage. There are two main circumstances to consider; inaccurate as-built BIM models received from the contractors and the lack of BIM skills by facility owners and managers to check BIM models received for accuracy, completeness, and other problems. Additionally, they are unsure how to transform the 3D as-built BIM models to 6D BIM FM models, which will be more suitable for operational use. Thus, the BIM models are usually untouched, unused, and neglected throughout the building’s operations stages. This, in turn, wastes the efforts placed into creating as-built BIM models in the first place. There is a need to provide a solution to these problems to improve productivity in the FM sector. A solution that could potentially help address the concerns was developed. The potential benefits inherent in the developed solution were tested. There was a noticeable reduction in the time taken to identify errors and inaccuracy in as-built models and transforming as-built 3D models to 6D FM models. This study is important because it provides the knowledge needed to streamline and improve productivity in the facility management sector.

Keywords: Facility management, Building Information modelling, Computational BIM, Productivity

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Cite as: “Chua C and Fadeyi MO (2020). The use of dynamo to automate the process needed to prepare building information modelling (BIM) models for facility management. Built Environment Applied Research Sharing #01, ISSUU Digital Publishing Platform.”

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